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2731 W Division St, Chicago, Illinois 60622


Michael Angelo

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Michael Angelo

“Refreshingly different.” “Off the chain musicality.” “Mad swagger.”

Referred to as Sneak Attack in the dance community, Michael Angelo’s style is smooth, fresh, and unpredictable. He has become a world class social dancer, pushing the envelope of Salsa, Mambo & Cha Cha Cha to new heights. Michael Angelo’s teaching method is equally as unique, incorporating live percussion and rhythm training.

Salsa, I sense in you…

“My journey into Afro-Latin dancing began as a young teenager. My father, Miguel Mendez mentored me, gave me a foundation, and taught me how to be a gentleman on the dance floor. At first I was clumsy, rigid, and unrefined. Then, one day my DNA got itself together and with a little help from the Salsa Gods, I was granted Jedi-like abilities. I transformed into an instrument of rhythm. I began to understand the human body to the point where I could execute a new movement with my parter on the spot, even though I had never tried it before. As fate would have it though, the dark side eventually got a hold of me. I started to move my body slower, more stealthily, and with razor sharp precision. My lead became sneaky, difficult to anticipate, and sinfully playful. I became… Sneak Attack.” – M.A.

I have also traveled across the globe having taught classes in various cities in the USA including Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Arlington & Waco Texas, Milwaukee &  Madison Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam.

Contact Michael Angelo by e-mail at MA@DanceAcademyofSalsa.com or call 773-895-8185.

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